"I photograph real life as it happens. One picture at a time, I tell wedding stories by documenting true moments and raw emotions. I do it with passion, happiness and perseverance. I’m discreet, but not shy and I feel very lucky that couples trust me to capture their wedding day." 

© Alberto Pérez Panadero

Music, books, movies and magazines have always been interesting to me. Somewhere in between my natural curiosity for the human condition and all forms of storytelling, I got bitten by the travel bug. Right there, my passion for documentary and portrait photography was born. And with it, a long-time interest in the narrative possibilities of the photographic medium.
I was born in 1982, in Madrid, Spain, where I also completed my studies in photography and film/TV editing between 2000 and 2003. At the same time, I apprenticed with local photographers and eventually, around 2004, I started freelancing. For the following 9 years, I primarily worked as a portrait and unit still photographer also covering the occasional high-end event. Additionally, I worked in other fields like press, documentary, reportage, street, fashion, music, weddings, corporate, action/sports, pack shots, and art reproduction. Today, I consider myself a versatile professional with a varied background (click here to take a look at some of my other work).
Much earlier than that, when I was 3 years old, my parents put me on skis and it changed my
life forever. That's why in 2013, I moved to British Columbia. A few weeks before flying to Canada, I attended a friend’s wedding. I brought a little camera with me to document it all and I had a great time. I also discovered that wedding photography would allow me to create genuine memories through documentary series. After that, I decided that the next move in my career would be to photograph weddings. I called it Bold Moments and I’m very happy that I get to hang out with good people having fun for a living.